LifeRing Emergency Services


LifeRing bridges the communication gap by providing:

- Common Operating Picture

- Coordination of Disparate Systems

- Integration with existing Radio Systems


- Common Push To Talk capability

- Whiteboards

- Streaming Video

In situations where every second counts, Emergency Services using LifeRing can mark an area of interest on a map, send a report on what supplies are needed, use Push To Talk to let everyone know by voice what is going on in the area, display the area with Whiteboard and stream video to other services who are on the way.




  • Ability to operate with or without a Server

  • Automatic Server Failover

  • Data Recorded & Time Stamped for Analysis

  • Digital Geo-Fence Crossing Alert

  • Emergency Notifications

  • Geo-Positioned Photos

  • Integrated Full-Motion Video

  • Integrated Push-To-Talk (PTT)

  • Integrated Worldwide Street Maps

  • Join Various Groups

  • Maps downloaded or pre-stored

  • Real-Time Common Operational Picture (COP)

  • Request Immediate Position Report

  • Send Messages and Chat

  • Share Photographs with Text

  • Touch Location Geo-Positioned Markers

  • Transmit and Receive Commands

  • Whiteboards

  • Works with or without Internet