The deployable Helikite aerostat system, offers a cost effective, easily deployed range extension solution for radio communications, camera or surveillance equipment.


A Helikite range extension solution is particularly effective where infrastructure is not established, has been destroyed or is not cost effective to construct. The eCastle deployable Helikite is suitable for a wide range of communications applications including: military; mining; civil emergency; installation security; coastal surveillance, and crowd / traffic surveillance.


We offer smaller Helikites for sensor and camera support, with heavier lift systems supporting payloads  from 5kg to 50kg and configurable to fly to heights beyond 3000ft. Systems can be transported in the back of a vehicle or trailer and deployed quickly by a small number of personnel.


Helikites are currently deployed in a wide range of climatic conditions, from the Arctic Circle to desert environments and have been successfully deployed from ships and autonomous surface vehicles