Provides a constant line of communication throughout the command structure, delivering an integrated end to end C4I capability from HQ planning and interoperability, Platoon / Company commanders and the dismounted fire teams.

LifeRing is compatible with many countries datalink interface standards and capable of translating datalinks in support of a wide range of military Command and Control Systems such as (GCCS, C2PC, FBCB2, JCR etc).    


LifeRing comes preloaded with MIL-STD-2525 symbols, if required changes in symboligy can be easily performed to meet specifc user requirements.  





  • Ability to operate with or without a Server

  • Automatic Server Failover

  • Data Recorded & Time Stamped for Analysis

  • Digital Geo-Fence Crossing Alert

  • Emergency Notifications

  • Geo-Positioned Photos

  • Integrated Full-Motion Video

  • Integrated Push-To-Talk (PTT)

  • Integrated Worldwide Street Maps

  • Join Various Groups

  • Maps downloaded or pre-stored

  • Real-Time Common Operational Picture (COP)

  • Request Immediate Position Report

  • Send Messages and Chat

  • Share Photographs with Text

  • Touch Location Geo-Positioned Markers

  • Transmit and Receive Commands

  • Whiteboards

  • Works with or without Internet

LifeRing Military