SFC Fuel Cells


SFC Energy Fuel Cells and the Power Management interface offer both turnkey and integrated power solutions for deployed / off-grid systems. SFC Fuel Cells are quiet, portable, have a very low thermal signature and operate almost emission free. eCastle can design, deliver and support standalone or hybrid power solutions for vehicles, deployed personnel and remote stations.




Allsopp Helikites

​Allsopp Helikites are a small tethered helium filled aerostat system providing lift capacity from 5kg to 50kg. Their rugged and unique construction allows for safe extended operation in high winds and adverse weather conditions. The deployable / transportable Helikite system developed by eCastle offers a range of cost effective aerostat solutions suitable for a wide array of military and civil applications


Brugg Cable


The Remote Power System (RPS), by Brugg Cable allows the delivery of data and power to remote transmitters, sensors or other communication equipment located up to five kilometres away. Using a lightweight hybrid cable to deliver both data and power the RPS enables rapid deployment of services to areas that would otherwise require generators and communications bearer equipment to function








Agis LifeRing

​LifeRing provides a life-preserving line of constant communication throughout the command structure and interfaces with most military Command and Control Systems.