eCastle is an information technology and communications solutions provider with expertise in designing, delivering and supporting communications systems and infrastructure.  Our expertise, combined with our select product line sourced from specialist providers allows eCastle to deliver innovative and cost effective solutions.


With a team of security cleared and industry qualified professionals, eCastle has the experience and ability to assess, scope and deliver the right solution.    

Our areas of expertise are:

- Project Management

- Data and Communications Systems

- Solution Design, Implementation and Test

- System Integration

- Information Security

- Field Support Services

- Training




Our current and recent projects include:



- Deployable transmission services

- Provision and support of RF range extension aerostats



- AGIS LifeRing C4 Solution  


Rapid Prototyping Development and Evaluation (RPDE)

- Consultancy; Management Information System for Operational Tasks

- Consultancy; Alternate energy sources for Forward Operating Bases