SFC Energy are world leaders in the production of DMFC (Direct Methanol Fuel Cell) technology, with over 28,000 systems in use across industrial, consumer and Defence applications. With NSN codification and Military Specification compliance, SFC Fuel Cells are in use with many Defence agencies including the German and US armed forces.      


EMILY 3000







EMILY 3000 was developed based on the successfull EMILY 2200 fuel cell generator. In addition to a maximum power output of 125 Watts, the EMILY 3000 can charge lithium ion and lithium polymer batteries as well as vehicle batteries when connected to the SFC Power Manager 3G and therefore function as a charging device for up to 4 batteries simultaneously




Power Manager 3G






The SFC Power Manager 3G allows for efficient  battery charging and provides reliable power to equipment in the field. It can easily be integrated into existing systems and simplifies power logistics. SFC Power Manager 3G enables soldiers in the field to make optimum use of available power sources including batteries, vehicle power, solar, and of course fuel cells. Intelligent and configurable power management significantly reduces the overall power system weight, while increasing operation efficiency.









The EMILYCube 2500 combines a 100 W fuel cell based on the field proven EMILY 2200, a 6.8 Ah li-ion battery, and a 10 litre fuel cartridge in a lightweight compact box. This turnkey energy solution is quiet, reliable and user friendly. Weighing 13.5 kg (21.9 kg including 10 litre fuel cartridge), the EMILYCube is a portable, reliable charging station or power supply.







 With a total weight of 10.5 kg, this innovative portable power system is designed to be transported by a single individual, and is ready for use wherever and whenever required. With a 2.5 litre fuel cartridge giving a capacity of 2,750 Wh, the JENNY ND Terra provides reliable power for extended periods for covert monitoring and reconnaissance tasks.  In use by leading Defence organizations as a lightweight power source, the ND Terra can be buried underground providing a quiet and non-detectable source of power in the field. 










The JENNY 600S is a miniaturized, lightweight portable fuel cell by SFC for deployment in defense scenarios. The JENNY 600S can be used for battery recharging or for directly powering a number of electrical devices. In combination with the SFC Power Manager, it creates a highly efficient energy network, enabling the recharging of up to 4 batteries simultaneously.




Fuel Cell Cartridge






SFC fuel cartridges for Defence and security applications are available in 0.35 litre (for JENNY 600S only), 5 litre, 10 litre and 28 litre cartridges. If you have a higher demand for autonomy, this can be achieved by connecting two cartridges to one fuel cell using SFC’s DuoCart Switch.